In 1998, the Schmidt family started their poultry business and expanded in 2001 by acquiring the Kackman’s Hatchery in Palmer.  In fourteen years, Kackman’s had established one of the largest commercial  chicken farms in the Southcentral area.  Now Triple D is the largest poultry supplier in the state of Alaska and the only fresh turkey supplier. Every year more and more people plan and purchase their Thanksgiving turkeys from Triple D because of it’s freshness and size.

“We were tired of buying stuff in the stores with a lot  of chemicals and preservatives, so it’ll have a long shelf life, and not knowing how it was raised” says owner Schmidt.

Now Triple D Farm & Hatchery is managed by the family of Anthony, his wife Phyllis and their five children.
The farm currently maintains about 300 laying hens  producing over 100 dozen FRESH eggs per week to local buyers.

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—NOTICE — Triple D Farm is no longer in business. This website exists merely for historical purposes—-